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This site features the web development works of yours truly, Brent Christian.

Need a WP Backend Guru?
I specialize in advanced website customization using WordPress as a basis. My 15+ years of experience with web hosting and server administration combined with my knowledge of modern web development techniques makes me highly proficient at crafting any website into a full-blown Content Management System (CMS) and I can create Customer Relation Management (CRM) solutions to meet your advanced online business needs as well.

Looking to turn your website into an E-Commerce money making machine?
Even better! …I also love marketing!! Which means I will custom tailor your website to
Sale, Sale, Sale! Add that factor to my experience with backend web technology and you’ve got an online business that works for you… instead of you working for it!!

What?! You don’t even have a website yet??
If all this overwhelms you or leaves you scratching your head… hold on, you’ve actually found the perfect partner to help you make sense of it all. I don’t only work with big players and big projects – I believe the internet is a great facilitator for entreprenuers and small businesses. So if you’re just getting started, I’m your man. I love the thrill of start-ups and will use my business and marketing experience to steer you in the right direction for a successful website launch.

Point of Entry
Whether you are having trouble using your website as the money making tool you dreamed it would be, or are just now considering getting started online – I am here to assist. I’ll met you at whatever current level your business is at and then help accelerate you to the next level.

Blast Off!!
Get in touch today and together we’ll fly your business to new heights.

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